SRF to ProRes – Convert SRF to ProRes 422/4444 for FCP X on Mac

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An SRF file is a video recording file created by select Samsung Smart TVs. It contains content, such as a TV show or movie, recorded on the TV. SRF files are encrypted and can only be opened by the Samsung Smart TV that created them.

ProRes, the successor of the Apple Intermediate Codec, is a lossy video compression format developed by Apple Inc to use in Final Cut Pro on Mac OS X. If you’re on a Windows PC and install Quicktime, you can play ProRes with professional editing program like Avid MC, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, but not encode or export working flows in ProRes 422 format.

How to convert SRF to ProRes codec on Mac? SRF is great for recording but not good for importing and editing on Mac, many users have encountered problems when loading SRF to FCP X/7/6 and other software on Mac. If you have cameras that records SRF format, you may have the need to convert SRF to Apple ProRes codec for FCP X/7/6 editing, because Apple ProRes codec is the best native codec for Final Cut Pro X/7/6, you can import SRF to FCP X/7/6 without rendering after you transcode SRF to Apple ProRes codec.

About SRF to ProRes Converter for Mac

UFUSoft SRF to ProRes Converter is a professional Mac SRF to FCP X converter. You can transcode SRF to ProRes 422 or ProRes 4444 for FCP X importing. In addition, you can convert SRF to any format. You can play the converted SRF video on iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Xbox One, PS4 etc. Want to share your SRF video with your friend? You can transcode SRF to YouTube FLV via this Mac SRF to ProRes Converter.

Free download SRF to FCP X ProRes Converter

Download SRF Converter for Mac:

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Download SRF Converter for Windows:

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If you want to edit SRF video files on Windows, you can free try the Windows Version SRF Video Converter.

How to import SRF to FCP X on Mac?

Below are simple guides for converting SRF to ProRes 422. Please download this Mac SRF to FCP X ProRes converter and launch it after installing it.

Step 1: Add SRF video into SRF to ProRes Converter

After run this powerful Mac SRF to FCP X converter, you can click add video icon to import SRF video into this program from Camcorder or your computer.

Step 2: Choose Apple ProRes 422 MOV as output format

This step can help you transcode SRF to 1080P ProRes MOV video. Click “Format” bar, choose “Final Cut Pro > Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov) “. This is the best format for FCP X and FCP 7 editing.

Step 3: If you like, you can adjust video and audio parameters by clicking “Settings” button.

Step 4: Transcode SRF to Apple ProRes via Apple ProRes Converter

At last, you need to click the convert button and the SRF to ProRes converter for Mac will start the SRF to ProRes 422 MOV conversion. And with this Mac SRF to FCP X converter, you need not wait long time before the conversion finished. After the conversion, you can click “Open” button to get the FCP X compatible ProRes videos, and with them, you can freely import SRF to FCP X without any rendering.